The Party is Over.
Unfortunately the Montreux Tattoo convention is over, we will not be able to do a 2020 edition for many reasons to which we don’t have found solutions.
We hope that during these five editions we brought you great times and that you enjoyed the fabulous artists from around the world who came to Montreux.
Many of you today carry the memory of the Montreux Tattoo on your skin.
Once again we would like to thank all those who made the Montreux Tattoo, Tattoo Artists, Volunteers, Exhibitors, Visitors, Burlesque Shows, Rock Bands, Partners, the 2m2c teams with whom it was a pleasure to work, L’Îlot Bar our back base, the favorite place of artists and many other things and people who will not be angry with us for not mentioning them, they are far too many.
To end on a happy note, know that we are already working on a project in collaboration with the city of Lausanne and the Palais de Beaulieu.
So see you soon, we hope to announce a renaissance of the Lausanne Convention years after that of our friend Sailor Bit.
As we say now STAY TUNED and again THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!