A rhythm section that lights a darkened highway, guitars that descend like lightnings from a stormy sky, a voice polished by sand paper …

If ACDC was an old family recipe, this young band from Switzerland is what you would be eating at Grandma’s house.

Worry Blast is the name of this powerful quartet that released their first album ”Break Out From Hell”, in 2013. An album that made Lycra wearing 80’s glam bands run for their lives. Worry Blast have quickly made a name for themselves on the live scene with their furious and hard rockin’ live shows.

After supporting Jeff Scott Soto and his band in several countrie during their European tour in 2014 and opening for Scorpions, Gotthard and Johnny Hallyday in 2015, the band released its second album “Hit The Gas“ which has been produced by Dennis Ward, producer for Krokus, Gotthard, Khymera.

“Hit the gas“ is a big return to the best 80’s moments with basic riffs and furious solos. Including a featured track with Tommy Henriksen from Alice Cooper. This release offered them a big European tour supporting Nashville Pussy.

They’re now ready to start this new year with great festivals and venues and amazing opening slots ! They’re actually working on a new album which should be released next January.