Gianluca and Luke met in south of Switzerland between the Alps, forest and countryside. They started playing together in 2012. Their intense love for the primitve blues and folk country music smell like a dead horse smoked in the grass of Mississippi with a chocolate taste. 
After many shows around Switzerland they played some gigs in England, Spain, Italy and Germany. They’ve got the chance to share stages with a lot of great musicians from all around the world. 
So if you like Roots Blues music you will love Luke Hilly & The Cavalry. Turn on your vinyl player start the BBQ, slap your ribs, open a bottle of whiskey in a Junk joint and shake your bones.
This Two Men Band is for you. Just a Blues Harp and a Cigare box. 
Afer five years now, we are really glad to announce our first album “Shake your bones” that you can listen right here and buy if you want to. A new video clip will be available soon from the first song of the album called Home Sweet Road. 
We are hitting the road in 2017. Stay tuned