Walk on the ART Side
an exhibition of art and especially artists

The LEU Family’s Family’s Family Iron is a part of the 20th Century Tattoo history

Around this family meet or have met, tattoo artists, painters, drawers or writers from all over the world, each with their own differences but all driven by the same passion for art in the broadest sense and in all its forms.

What we want to show you at this exhibition is the genesis of a tattoo. How do they start with a small sketch and then a tattoo on the whole body. Starting from the first sketch, then by the stencil and of course finally to the finished tattoo.

We will also exhibit many backdrops, which are hand-painted banners they used in tattoo conventions.

This collection of backdrops that has never been exhibited together is a unique opportunity to see the work of artists such as Felix, Filip, Titine, Matthieu Leu, Tin-Tin Wido de Marval, Mick de Zürich, Sabine Gaffron, Rinzing and many others. Some of these backdrops are 9 meters long and are entirely hand painted.

Of course you will also admire original paintings and drawings by The Family Iron artists.

Come and discover many more things that have never been shown before and that will amaze you!

See you on 20.21.22 September for the love of tattoo and art.

here are some of the works that will be exhibited